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Default Re: New paint , vintage look- How?

When I was into scale R/C planes and building WWII fighters, I used to have a bunch of tricks to make a new paint job look war worn. Using flat clear as opposed to glossy is one way. Alternate the flat with some glossy clear. Where would the weathering be? Upper surfaces would show more signs of age that sides or lower surfaces. If you're looking for rock chips or a distressed finish you might try this trick.

Vasoline splattered with a buffing wheel in a Dremel onto the surface before painting. When the paint is dry you can wipe the surface with a cloth and everywhere the vasoline is the paint won't stick and it will come out lookinbg like a rock chipped surface. I used to use that method on the leading edge of wings especially behind the propeller arc .

Poor surface preperation will always give you a ratty looking finish too. Use light coats of paint so the surface imperfections will show through. There are lots of ways to make a new paint job look old. Use your imagination and try to duplicate the natural aging of a paint job. Try to imagine where and what would show signs of use and try to duplicate them on your new paint.

Good luck and show us what you come up with.

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