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Default Re: Attention new members!

I think another important thing all newbies should learn is:
How do Forums Work?

A web site like this is like a giant convention center with multiple wings called Forums. Each forum 'wing' has multiple sub-forums to narrow down your interest to a different part of that wing, and inside each of them have multiple meeting rooms for a specific things called a Topic.

It is a Topic you create, read and reply to.
Every topic has a Title and THE TITLE is the single most important line of text you will type.

Regular visitors, the ones that will be helping you, just scan recent topic titles. If your questions is about a 2-stroke carb, put that in the title.

An example of useless titles are:
'It won't start!'
'Is this broke?'
'well this sucks...'

When it comes to Replying to a Topic try to keep it relevant to the FIRST POST and Forum it is, important topics tend to stray literally off-topic when someone asks something that should be asked in a completely different building, section and forum in this convention center and here is an example.

This is the 'Motorized Bicycle Welcome" building in the 'Welcome to World of Motorized Bicycles' forum, with an 'Attention new members!' title.
This is like the lobby for new guests to read the signs on the wall and find the right place to get answers.

Please take the time to explore the different forums here and don't just post your questions in the most recent topic like this in this topic.
Originally Posted by stephen1 View Post
my motor wont turn over when i pedal bike do you know what could be wrong stephen1
Talk about the worst place to ask for problem solving help, it's a 'what to do and not do' for newbies topic in the New Members section!

That reply here would be a DO NOT stephen1 but no harm no foul bud, we were all new once ;-}

Just try to be mindful of a Topics first post and the Forum it is in and do a Forum Search on adjusting your clutch, there are plenty of topics on that or just make a new topic in the 2-stroke motor forum.
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