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I got some tools this morning and now almost everything is mounted. I broke the 14 dollar dremel but it did cut the 2 bolts I needed it to.The engine mounted with some help of the 3 dollar rubber mallet. I was able to get the peddle and crank to clear the exhaust by about quarter inch without bending it at all. The rear sprocket is mounted and as true as I am going to get it. I bet there is a better way then these pieces of rubber squeezing the spokes... Clutch is on but the cable needs to be shortened. The throttle is together but I need to get a drill to make the hole in the handle bar, also that cable needs to be cut to the right length. Carburetor is together and mounted to engine and the coil is mounted with a couple zip ties.

The gas tank has an issue as the bolts are not long enough to reach the brackets... a fat top tube. I am going to solve this with different brackets that can bend around to reach the bolts. The only other thing is the chain... Everything looks like it lines up but only time will tell. Tomorrow I have to work so only a few hours in the morning to see if the chain will spin.
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