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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Wow, cool maniac57 I just noticed yours. Did it come in black or is that an angle of the photo that makes it look black / Have you a larger photo?

My wife bought mine for my birthday in July of 2011 from Advanced Auto I almost pooped myself when I found out what she paid for 2 of them.

So WHEN i GOT MY NEW MOTOR I just swap out the cover.... as well as my trusty ole 48cc cover on the other side ..
Skulls are kinda a thing with me. Every single motorized vehicle I have ever owned had a skull on it somewhere...
I found a skull ring in the very first dirt track car I ever raced and it became my lucky charm when I won my very first heat. Had that ring for 30 years until a house fire destroyed it. Thats when I started putting skulls on all my motor toys.
And yeah, The two metal skull emblems I bought at autozone were over $20 bucks.
Still, it was worth it. Mine are chrome like yours, it just looks black at the angle of the pic.I had one on each side but the sticky stuff wore out on the mag side and one fell off. I still have it and I might just drill some holes to screw mount them both again someday.

Here are some more pics of my Pig

Here is another bike I used to own. Different skull.
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