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Default Re: New member needs help w/ 48cc 4-stroke (chinese)

Thanks for the quick response Joe.

Am I correct that the 'mystery' broken line goes back to the top of the tank? I'll post up some pics later tonight if it helps.

Where do you guys get spare parts? Does Auto-Zone or similar carry these items? Is there a good online outlet? I'm going to at least need some new fuel line, maybe a new float bowl, and a new spark plug probably wouldn't hurt.

When you say to remove the float bowl, do you mean to also replace it? Does it act as a filter?

Is there any instructions on how to clean the carb? Should I just blast cleaner into every opening?

My next step was going to test for spark, but I once I got the fuel leak I figured I should get that under control first. I'll be sure to make sure the fumes have dissapated before igniting anything, though. I'll probably push the ATV half-way down the drive-way just to be safe.
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