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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by stephen1 View Post
got my motor bike going had problems with chain falling off but fix that by tighting up chain having problems fouling out plugs what do you do to stop that from happening
What oil/fuel mix are you useing? If your useing the "recommended" mix of 16:1 that's way too rich on the oil. With the very high quality of American oils 24:1 is as rich as you want to go. I used to race 2 strokes and used the best Maxim oil they had back then. Last stuff I got from was $10 A PINT! I used it at 50:1 after breaking in the motor at 32:1.

A change of spark plug might help a lot. I think an NGK B7HS. If it keeps fouling that then try an NGK B6HS.

You want to do something really tricky then get a small refill bottle of Prolong, it's in the oil additive section of auto parts stores. Mix it with the o0il in recommended porportion and that small bottle will last a loooong time. What it does is make oil "slicker". I talked back and forth with the maker and after he said that it worked excellent in two strokes. I felt more power, slightly, useing it, but I had a very modified motor. It really helps with longevity. I remember something about the molicules having a negative charge and it clings and coats the entire inside of the motor.

There was a mechanic named Smokey Yunick. He owned and raced Indy cars as well as NASCAR. Fireball Roberts was one of his drivers to let you know the quality of Smokey's operation. Prolong was the ONLY product he backed, called everything else snake oil. As far as I'm concerned if it was good enough for Smokey...

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