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Default Re: She Just Ain't Climbing Like She Used To - Standard China Girl 66cc

Hey oldtimer --

Originally Posted by oldtimer54 View Post
HT engines are know for not lasting. No pun intended.
What is it that is not lasting? Overall all quality? What mysterious element of these simple engines has caused my motor to lose a bit of its shine?

Compression? Ignition? Brand new carb today, so that's out.

I've seen the most abused Chinese-made 2-stroke weed-whackers operate with impunity to abuse for years here. lol One would expect the same type of factories that churn those out also turn out China Girls.

Do you have any hard evidence that HT engines are known not to last? What does "last" mean? 1000 miles?

I ask in humor but with true curiosity as to numbers and facts.

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