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Default Re: Biturbo Exhaust/Chain Adjuster upgrades

Best paint Ive found in the rattle cans for bikes and such is spray laquer, I got a fw cans from my local AutoZone store, once it is dry gas doesnt seem to bother it at all in my experience, but yes rustoleum and regular Krylon aint gas frindly at all.

Just wanted to add this tip for any who it may help since you mentioned the paint and gas issue.
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Originally Posted by Scootmeister View Post
Hi Dodge Dude. It's light angle that is pre-drilled and zinc coated. I got a 4 foot section at my local Lowes for about 8 bucks. It cuts with a jig saw. This is the first bike I painted. I used Rustoleum. It'cheap, but is not fuel resistent so you have to be careful to wipe off spilled fuel. Other than that, it holds up reasonably well.
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