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Default Re: Drilled a 30t sprocket fro rag joint mount today

Thanks Dan,

I been around, just had a lot going on, work schedule is a bit more crazy and a few other things in the mix also, I've never forgot about all the great motorbike brothers on here like yourself, just couldnt do to many things at once for a while, still a bit limited to what I would like to do because the wife has me set up with so many honey do's right now, but slowly but surely I'm chipping some of them away so I can hopefully get back on track and get to working more on the bike projects again and even more than before, wanting to get some good chain idler/tensioners made up along with a few sets of clutch pucks for anyone who may want them, just not set up like I need to be right now, but working on it and I will get it done "if the Lords willing and the creek dont rise" as the old saying around here goes...LOL!

I have plans for a couple of 4 stroker bikes as well as a few more 2 smokers and some in frame tanks and such for them, I've got some engines sitting in the shop and a few other parts but just havent had time to work on the stuff lately, but I will.

Again, glad to hear from you Dan, hope all is well on your end and you'll be seeing me around here more for sure.

Peace, Map

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MapMan!! WB Buddy. Been wondering where you got off too.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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