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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Spent some time yesterday tinkering...
  • Removed the exhaust hangers from the cruiser and examined the end of the expansion chamber the exhaust was welded to. Turns out it wasn't my poor weld job that failed, it was the pipe I welded to that gave out (sheared).
  • Found that the tank was still leaking at a stud. Going to have to pull it and figure something out.
  • Found I had an air leak behind the carb, so fixed it. Found it by shining an LED penlight into the intake of the carb and opening the throttle. The pinpoints of light showed clearly around the intake. I used a piece of scrap wood across the front of the carb to work it in the last half millimeter it needed. (Slid between carb and seat stay, twisted scrap until it pushed against both, at about 1/3rd and again 2/3rds of the way down the air intake until it was all the way in).
  • Tweaked the clutch a little to account for cable stretch and break in wear.
  • Wired up the speedo/trip comp on the cruiser as well.
  • Mixed up a can of 40:1 for the beast and fueled it for work this morning. (Almost exactly 10 litres of gas (2 cans) filled for $14.30 on Saturday).
Ans another week of riding to work begins..


Any day that starts with a good ride is already a better day, and a bad day riding still beats a good day working.

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