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Default Re: Single speed bicycle or one with gears?

before anything else, check the OLD (Overall length Diameter) of your dropouts. Having more gears would require you to have a wider OLD. Or you can use a frame expander tool to fit a wider hub with more gears.

Having more gears is definitely better than single speed. It gives you more flexibility on the type of terrain you can go through. However, multi-speed uses a thinner chain, and single speed uses a thicker chain. I'm using an 8 speed internal gear hub, allowing me to use thicker, more durable, BMX chains. I have experienced snapping multi speed chains, so choose a very good quality chain also.

Heavy duty hub, spokes, and rim is a must for a motorized bicycle.

Most engines for bicycles are limited between 1 to 2 HP that is below 50cc. I'm not sure about the Titan.
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