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Default Re: Hello from chrisnbush in Richmond NH

Originally Posted by chrisnbush View Post
I currently have a CH80 frame mount, that I bought on EBAY (!), and also a tire roller rear mount that I got from livefastmotors.

Have had the routine problems with the frame mount - mounting clamps breaking, mounting studs breaking, air leaking into input manifold, stripped head stud. Also, have learned how NOT to replace tire inner tubes. Love the frame mount though, it is cool and has more power than the tire roller rear mount. And I feel I have solved all of the problems at this point, with this CHEAP motor I got on Ebay (from what I have read, my next motor - this fall - is going to be from DAX, I think).

I wish I had've seen this post on here a long, long time ago.
Who did you buy your "CH80" from on eBay? What is the serial number on the engine?
I've only sold a tiny few on ebay (6), and don't seem to have any record of anyone in Richmond, NH?
If it is one of mine, I really wish you had've contacted me about the issues you had.
Please, let's set the record straight and verify if it is one of my engines...I haven't heard of anyone having problems like that with mine.
Yes, I really do ride what I sell...everyday.
Home of the CH80 Bicycle Engine Kit...for those that want quality.
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