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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Traffic was very light, due to school being out. It was an exciting 20-minute amusement ride to and from work, instead of 25 minutes. A cop was parked next to the bike path, where homeless encampments are. Turned off engine, kept pedalling a few feet past him until I was out of sight, then motored away.

Yesterday, my 6" square 1/4" aluminum plate arrived, so I'll work on motor mounts today.

Also arriving was my new rear disc brake adaptor. YAY! Bolted that onto the frame, installed my commuter bike's 8-speed rear wheel tire and brake setup. The part that slides onto the rear axle is perfect. Bike's seat stay (dropout) is 9/16" diameter. The clamp on the disc brake adaptor bottoms out @ 13/16" diameter. Clamp needs an inner metal or rubber sleeve/bushing to be secure. Looking from the rear, the caliper could be shimmed ever so slightly to center the 203mm disc. Despite the glitches, the rear brake worked okay when pulled by hand.

The big tire looks AWESOME! on my NOS Diamondback cruiser frame It is a huge 2.35 x 26" Schwalbe Big Apple, rotor is 203mm. Might as well measure it for dropout clearance. Tire is 26'" diameter and 2.35" wide. There is 5/8" top clearance to the fender cross/brace, but the tire must be flat and pushed forward to bolt the wheel on. There is almost 1" clearance towards the front of the chainstay. Left side chain stay clearance is 1/4"; right side is 1/2". Left side seat stay clearance is 9/16"; right side is 1/2". Surprisingly, this frame has more room than my 2006 Diamondback Response mountain bike (commuter motorized bike).

I REALLY like my Schwalbe Big Apples.
Excellent handling for a 61lb. bike @ 35mph. The soft tire's tread is shallow, but the bike's never slipped on wet roads or gravel. Ride is softer, especially with lower tire pressure (35psi).

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