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Default sticker removal before painting

i've read some other post about removing stickers from bikes that have good paint jobs, but if your planning to repaint and want the stickers and glue removed then i've found this works best, use a heat gun or hair dryer and a razor blade to remove stickers, then get a can of carb cleaner, spray on glue then using a paper towel wipe the glue in one direction only while the glue is still wet, do this 2 or 3 times changing to new paper towel frequently. the glue should roll up into gummy little glue balls most will be stuck to the towel, if there is some glue left then use goo gone on those spots( after the glue has been exposed to carb cleaner it becomes softer and can be easily removed by the goo gone) then wash with soap and water, rinse and wipe down the part with windex and your ready to paint. (try carb cleaner on good paint with glue on it at your own risk! i've never tried it but would be interested to see if it works)
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