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Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post
Kurryhunt people here are only trying to help you make better post. Your word is only your opinion unless you have facts and statistics to back it up. The source of those facts and statistics also need to be available for others to look up.

Often when I write post I write phrases like "Personally I prefer Staton Inc as a dealer". If there's a product you seem to like tell others why you like it. I hope this helps and want to see more post from you soon.
I don't see anything wrong with my post but I see you spelled my name incorrectly in the quote so I am just alerting you to pay a little more attention to your spelling when it involves a proper name. You guys are too picky for my liking.

I didn't list the name of the hub adapter because there are now several manufacturers who I am sure are equal to the one I prefer. If you want to know the one I prefer its the Manic Mechanic and a link to their site is below.

I also prefer the Kip Springer tensioner and they are available form Pirate

Cycles who I have done several flawless transactions with over the years.

I like the MM hub adapter because its eliminates trying to align the rag joint

which is an accident waiting to happen IMO and the other reason is you can

call and get answers if you need them. The same applies to Pirate Cycles.

I simply feel these two items make your build easier and safer than using the rag joint and tensioner that comes with the kit. No, I am not or ever have been associated personally or financially with either party.

Rag joint and tensioner misalignment can cause >>>
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