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Default Re: Drilled a 30t sprocket fro rag joint mount today

Let us know how the 30 sprocket works out- I got a 32 years ago from Boygofast I've never used- and back when I was riding summers in Hilly souther Indiana-
Switched from the kit 44 to a 36 the first few months of my first build, and that worked well, but bogged on steep mile or more long hills, so I never went with the 32

Now in Florida, I have a 34 alloy spocket from Kings- that sure is smoooooooth,
and moves along nicely here where it's flat and the roads are in good shape-
the 66 handles it pretty well- and unfortunately, I'm not that light

Got a Custom drilled alloy GT sprock on the 50- a 39- and thats a good size for that, but like to see how a 36 would go on that.
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