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Default Re: Drilled a 30t sprocket fro rag joint mount today

Thanks Trey,

Yes I can already see that there are many new members, and yes I will post pics of projects in the work, as you can see from the other pics I posted earlier my bikes are hard to keep clean, I live 10 miles from town and have to ride down 3+ miles of dirt roads before I hit pavement so dusty dirty bikes are a normal thing for me out here in the booneys..LOL!

the bike in the pic has actually already had several changes over time since I put it together, considering it is a $100 delivered to my door bike it has held up well, second motor and 800+ miles so far on this cheap Huffy, no issues with bike at all, I plan to upgrade front forks and brakes soon if I can find the parts I want and the time, rides good and 20-30 mile round trips in the hot Texas summer hasnt ever caused me a bit of trouble so far, running a Dax RT carb that I really like........ran great right out of the box, I shaved the head down, cleaned up the ports and that is all Ive done to the engine, first one I had on it was a smoother running engine at 32-34mph but it gave up the ghost when a crank bearing seized on the crankshaft, the current BGF motor has done well so far but only comfortably cruises at 28-30mph before the vibes get a bit more than I like for multiple mile rides.
anyway, there is a little history and a little about what I have planned for this Huffy.
Peace, Map
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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