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Originally Posted by karryhunt View Post
Hey no problem. I just think the newcomers are the ones that should be aware of anything available that will make the install easier and safer. I cannot think of anything more troublesome than the stock rag joint and the tensioner for a first time builder.

I guess I'll keep my opinions to myself from now on as freedom of speech can get you in trouble on this forum.
No problem Karryhunt. I'm just looking out for the newbs who don't know any better. I never intended any offense to your point of view. I'm all about affordable and making the stock(cheap)stuff work better.
BTW, the deletion was NOT to censor you, it was to avoid any further drama.
EVERYONE is welcome here if they behave.
I've been disciplined myself in other forums for getting too involved in a "discussion" so I try not to go too far because I love this forum. There is much good info here and I want access to it!
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.
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