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I deleted it for several reasons. First the title was misleading and inflammatory. It started out stating that not replacing the ragjoint and stock tensioner would cause bodily harm. I, like many others have not experienced what you are reporting.

New folks have enough to absorb with out this sort of misleading much less think they need to buy additional hardware "....that could save your life"

Then when longstanding members disagreed with you, you were less then pleasant and argumentative.

This post sealed it's doom;

"I showed the Kip Springer tensioner to my neighbor who by the way is a mechanical engineer for NASA. His statement exactly, its looks nicely done with the solid mounting to the case and 100% better than the "suicide tensioner" that came with your kit.

Just because you're a tool and can perform miracles on the cheap does not mean everyone else can do the same with good results.

There's not a doubt in my mind that if you took a poll on what causes the most problems in setting up a motorbike, the rag joint and "suicide tensioner" would be pretty close to the top of the list."

"suicide tensioner" Twice and is a very, very poor choice of fluffery.

If you wish to sing the praises of a product or products you like, have at it.

This seemed more like alarmist promotion and you can do that in the swap shop section as long as there are no scare tactics and it is worded worlds apart from that thread.

worst apocalypse ever
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