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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

So, just when I think I know everything I need to, I ran into a situation yesterday where I was SURE one of my needle-bearings was going south. Well, I'd FINALLY replaced my standard spark-plug line with a high-quality automotive one...I didn't have the spark-plug's nipple, so I used the crappy brass one which came with the standard plug-cap in the interim. WELL, in the 12-hours I had between replacing the line, and actually riding the bike for a distance greater than a mile, I'd forgotten about my unfinished "upgrade", and headed out on a 20-mile journey. About 15-miles out, my engine exhibited behavior which seemed like a cross between intermittent fuel-delivery blockage, and what felt like crank-binding. It wasn't too distracting; I was able to continue cruising as it would only happen in short, infrequent bursts. Well, the the frequency seemed to be increasing, so I decided to pull over and remove the head. I checked for play in the crank and piston...NONE. Used my iPhone 4 in video-mode with the light on like a periscope...this is VERY useful for inspecting the crank-case for debris. No debris. I decided to bail on my trip and limped home at about 15MPH _CONVINCED_ one of the needle-bearings was going bad. Nearing home I then remembered that I'd neglected to get a new nipple for my NGK. I stopped in at a local ACE Hardware, bought a cheapo Champion plug, and swapped out the nipple. Bike is now running great again. I feel stupider for the experience, but won't assume the worst for longer than I have to in the future. MAKE SURE YOUR SPARK CONNECTIONS ARE SOLID!
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