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Default Re: Dirty looks and Shaking Fists

Originally Posted by AussieJester View Post
Most Motorcycle manufactures have ceased making 2 stroke motors
as they dont pass emission standards for on road use, wont be long before your little 48cc are banned from use on public roads and relegated to off road use, we are in environmental conscious times, best start saving for 4 strokes or lecky setups fellas ;-) ...
SpookyTooth had their kit tested in Arizona for emissions...passed just dandy. And AZ isn't very lax about emissions either.

There is a company that's making conversion kits for some of the larger 2 strokes for some of the countries that rely heavily on 2 fuel injection. No unburned fuel is used to push the exhaust out of the chamber, just air. This makes for far less emissions. Not sure how the lubrication problem is solved though.
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