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Default Re: what is my bike worth

I might take the $400. Unfortunately our bikes usually aren't worth in the public market market what they are to we of this forum.
You have a nice build- the custom things make it better than the run of the mill build- but most of the public doesn't appreciate that fact.

It's why I haven't built any bikes to sell (besides being old and arthritric). They are hard to clear a profit on- that may change some if transportation gets any more tight or expensive.

But it helps to be here in Florida I think- the bikes are more viable more of the year- Mine have been very practical gas savers, and savers of miles on the car. Ido quite a lot of my shopping and transport with my bikes.

Be patient if you can- but i don't think $400 is too bad- I see builds here on Craigslist in Jacksonville occassionally for $150- $200- though most are probably $300 or $350- some more, and not sure how fast they sell.

good luck with it.
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