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Default Re: Reliable long distance cruiser kit?

Thanks for the advise guys, much appreciated.

Some of those balance issue I hadn't really truly considered. With my in frame 2 stroke I can virtually do a jump on the long platform style speed humps without the bike "yumping" or bucking. Very balanced.

I noticed the very thick tubes on another site I thought they sounded like a great idea, teamed with some puncture proof tyres.

I like the idea of one drive chain with a shift kit but i see there is some added complexity to the bike. The idea of slipping out the wheel to fix a tyre has appeal.

I have to admit I love the look of some of the Helio complete bikes. I suppose with a basic on board tool kit one could flick the master link clip out of a motor chain to service a rear tube, or maybe have an easy adjust tensioner to bump the chain off.
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