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Default Re: Reliable long distance cruiser kit?

Originally Posted by Robby View Post

I'm about 250lbs and am considering getting a beach cruiser and engine kit that I can ride for hours.

I love the in-frame look of some new 4 stroke kits but I was thinking the other day I would at least need some Swarble Marathon puncture proofs with Slime 5x thick tubes to help avoid a major headache of a rear flat.

I was wondering what other people were doing to increase reliability and simplicity with there in frame 4 strokes?
I really like 49cc HS 4-stroke mid mounts, even direct drives...

...though I much prefer shift kits as the SBP motor base plate uses 3 U-bolt clamps to secure it and it adjusts to the bike, and course you can use the bikes gears and only have 1 chain to the back wheel.

Though that bike currently runs fine for the customers needs it is not ideal for a guy your size, even HD 7-speed is whimpy and the aluminum frame rear dropout do not take handling the drive toque well, the axle tends to move.

Something more along the lines of a steel Pantera with the back wheel swapped for an interal 3-speed and 12g spokes would go a long way to ruggedness, and the dual V's are a real bonus, especially if you put on a hub with band brake for a 3rd brake and left side lever.

Shift kits have one more chain than a direct drive but on that setup not an issue if you get your primary chain set right and adjusted by the moving the motor forward on the mount a little.

The final drive chain is not an issue, especially with a nice HD 410 chain to an internal shifter as the frame has horizontal drop outs so you just move the wheel back to tighten it.

The middle 2nd chain is another matter, to tighten it you either have to move the whole motor mount platform up or put in a tensioner.
I found that simply using a discarded derailleur gear on a piece of metal with a spring does the job just dandy.

That setup will let you putt around at 5MPH, run 35 with responsive power, and push 45 if you tuck in.

As fore 'bullet proofing' wheels a thick HD tube and liner is all you need, and stay away from slime in the tubes, really, it is a messy useless bandaide for a puncture that already happened.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.
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