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Default Reliable long distance cruiser kit?


I currently have a RSE stg2 70cc 4.5hp setup on my mountain bike. It flies. It is not suited to long distance cruising being a worked 2 stroke.

I'm about 250lbs and am considering getting a beach cruiser and engine kit that I can ride for hours.

I'm admire the simplicity of the friction drive kits but wonder if they are suited to the additional offset weight of a GHX50/HS/Titan? Do they 'cope at all' in the wet? I'm also curious as to how the PF4000 Tanaka's compare for performance and quietness.

I love the in-frame look of some new 4 stroke kits but I was thinking the other day I would at least need some Swarble Marathon puncture proofs with Slime 5x thick tubes to help avoid a major headache of a rear flat.

I was wondering what other people were doing to increase reliability and simplicity with there in frame 4 strokes?

I learn't that the "Loctite everything" on a HT was no understatement.
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