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Default New Aussie build

Hi All,

I recently completed my first build after lots of procrastination.
I started with a HASA 26" MTB which I bought through an auction site shop. I converted this to single speed though I am using the original 3 speed cranks (derailer removed).
My motor is a Rock Solid Engines stage 2 70cc kit. Very powerful. I am still running the motor in and my speedo just arrived so I will be able to have an idea of speeds soon.
Other mods I have done is machine a Kings style sprocket adaptor with a modified 44 tooth stock sprocket and fabricate a custom seat post mounted stainless steel barrel tank.
Future plans include a Walbro reed kit and an expansion chamber exhaust.
The bike is heaps of fun though very frantic, noisy and typically vibrates a lot. I desire to build a "cruiser" next.
I'm rying to figure out how I can post pictures from iPhone???

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