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Default Re: potential motorized biker

I'm unsure exactly how many miles but its a LOT. I ride every day and I've had this engine for going on two years now without a single failure. My chain roller is worn out but it still rides fine(I just don't trust it anymore)so I've ordered a new roller made from a skateboard wheel. Maintaining these motors is VERY important. I go over my Pig daily for loose stuff and fix anything I find before it becomes a failure. The main thing I do to prolong engine life is to run it a touch rich for plenty of oil. Mine is jetted to run smooth under throttle and four-stroke a bit when cruising. I run 40:1 with good oil and the rich jetting lowers engine wear. I also don't scream my motor since I run a higher gear to lower my normal cruise rpm's.
I run a tack welded tensioner, HD#41 roller chain, and a auto plugwire and cap.
The only performance part is a homebuilt tuned pipe.
Had the pipe off the other day and no carbon buildup at all in the port!
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
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