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Originally Posted by Glenda View Post
I am considering purchasing a motorizedHuffy 26" men's Cranny Beachcruiser The seller says he purchased it for $500 new and wants to sell it for $100. The only problem is a carburetor problem. He says he doesn't know what is wrong with it and doesn't care to get it fixed. He says it works sometimes and other times doesn't. I haven't seen the bike yet but will this week. I do not know what kind of motor it as on it. Can you give me some advise as to whether I should purchase it or not? Thanks
Glenda look the bike and engine over real good for cracks. Take pictures of the bike and find out as much information as possible about it. (Type of engine, cc size, etc...). Make sure the tank doesn't leak. Things like that. Also depending on where you live in Florida you could have police harassment. Some locations are worse than others. So look up and read Florida's moped laws. (Must have peddles, under 50 cc, no manual clutching, no manual gear shifting). Once you've gotten pictures and information then post it and we can better help you. If you have a friend who knows something about motorized bikes then take this person with you.

Most of us here are very hardcore about our bikes and wouldn't give them up when something simple could fix them. So I'm suspicious of the reason why this person wants to sell his bike in the first place. If you don't have an experienced builder with you don't buy it until after you post pictures and information here first.
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