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Default potential motorized biker

Im a college student with enough money for rent and food. I got a bike and wouldnt mind putting an engine; hate having to go uphill with a bag with textbooks and a laptop.
Im well versed on how this stuff works but my hands are sort of useless (all my experience is with computers). Ive been exploring this for a couple of hours now; I found on craigslist some cheap leaf blowers but Im really a noob so Im thinkingf I should go with a kit. Ive read horrible stuff on these kits though. I have read around the forums that the advertisements are approved by the fan base?
I live in a "college town" so some method of security would be nice for this potential idea (by security I mean key starter or some other idea).
Anyways I have lots of patience, I think I can figure this out. Just need some advice.
My budget would be around $100-150
Picture of the bike:

Thanks in advance..!!
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