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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
I saw that tuna can painted it looks awesome Al I studied your photos so much I think you mis labeled the CDI cover as an air scoop for your head light ..but I might be wrong am I? ..Did you do all your own paint work? If so what did you use to apply it and what s the best primer to use?
Thanks for the compliments. Actually, there's been no mislabeling; the air vent on the headlamp is from one end of the stainless steel sunglasses case, the CDI cover is from the other end. Sharp eyes you have, I don't know anyone else who noticed the similarity yet. As for paint, I just went to the nearest auto parts store and bought Duplicolor primer and gloss. I'd already sanded down the frame so I didn't need to worry about incompatibility. If you wait until it's about 75 to 80 degrees, apply light and even coats and allow plenty of time to dry between each, Duplicolor can be pretty good stuff. I also had a handle-mount that clamped to the cans that made life easier too.

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