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Default Re: Two bikes fully cstomized nees repairs for price

I see rust all over the frames, chains and cassettes. That tells me that the person who is selling them rode them in the rain or didn't store them from the rain or the salt in the air caused rusting. What does the magneto rotor and coil look like? What does the inside of the fuel tanks look like?

The first frame is chopped, so are you going to trust someone else's skills?

Looks like they were beat to death and parked them. Also looks like owner didn't want to spend the time or money doing maintenance.

Buy a used Diamond Back mountain bike and a new kit and you'll be ahead. Unless you've worked on HT engines, you spend more time and money than what you'll get for selling one of the bikes. If you had experience, you'd already know if the deal was worth it or not.

Oh, by the way, this forum is full of stories of people buying a second hand engine and/or bike. The new owners want to commit Hari-Kari (Not Harry Carey) and don't know how to get there engine running.

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