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Default Re: Jack shaft drive with smaller 4 cycle engine

Originally Posted by marjamar View Post

I can get 40 miles with a 12ah Li battery averaging close to 20mph in hilly terrain out of my BOB before recharging which in actuality uses 9.6ah before the BMS shuts it down. Takes a little under 2 hrs. with my 5 amp charger to renew. This is sufficient for my needs at this time. I wasn't trying to sell you on the idea of a BOB pusher, just making a point that it is a viable option for motorizing a bicycle, in fact most of them including recumbents etc..
An old friend is an engineer at BOB and he doesn't have a problem with the attachment as a pusher. The guy who holds the patent has had moto BOBs in use for the last 12 years. My buddy is the one that is helping me with the new design which may or may not use the BOB yolk and nuts we have yet to decide that. The one that we are using for the prototype stage is from an Xtra Wheel and it is the same kind of thing but different enough to skirt the BOB patent and fully encloses around the "nut". We are not trying to reinvent that particular aspect as much as the trailer itself and its functionality.

Here is a picture of that 5:1 reduction on a 49cc Huasheng on my cargo bike. It works well here but it will make too wide of a system for use in a front triangle I feel.
You can run the GX35 off axis no problem but it won't make it any narrower.

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