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Default Re: Jack shaft drive with smaller 4 cycle engine

Originally Posted by mabman View Post
Interesting you have setup your BOB trailer, something I was looking at doing. Couple of things stopped me. The big one was recharge. I was considering running 2-2'x2' mono-crystalline solar panels flat over the trailer on an aluminum hinged frame w/converter to charge the batteries during daylight. But it would still require hours of setting time to reach full charge, depending upon ah size, more then once a day on trips -- Even with a "charging on the run" setup.

Next thing was looking at the hitch setup to the bike. On the Nexus hub, the trailer attachment point seems too weak to me. Attachment to the "Bob Nutz" might be OK, but the angle on the fork hooks is designed to hold tighter with load, whereas in a "pusher" setup, they would actually want to press the hooks up and forward. This would put undue stress on the hitch pins and (in my estimation) cause them to bow out of the retaining hole and detach the trailer, which of course would be a bad thing.

I looked at friction drives, but I think I want gearing.

I'll be doing some type of quieting without a doubt on any engine I use. Peace is the whole idea here for me. Noise, opposes peace quite quickly.



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