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Default Re: Jack shaft drive with smaller 4 cycle engine

Originally Posted by BigBlue View Post

Here's a couple possibilities. Staton is in the process of designing a shift kit for the Atlas cargo bike that he sells on his website. Another possibility is to use a Staton gearbox and a chain drive with a pusher type bike. Those training bikes that attach to the back of the parents bike.

You might want to consider going electric with a hub motor if you want quietness. Your costs are going to be higher, especially if you go with Li-Ion.

Here's a battery powered pusher trailer that is electric that can carry cargo. The guy sells plans. You could have a local welder build it for you. If you search the site, he built the trailer for the same reason that you had originally posted :

A 48 volt hub motor and some Li-Ion batteries and you could have some range with you pedaling.

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That Sun Atlas Cargo is niiice! Looking forward to seeing Dave Statons 2 kit options!
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