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Default Re: Jack shaft drive with smaller 4 cycle engine

Originally Posted by BigBlue View Post
Thanks for the links Chris. I've looked pretty hard at electric. All the way from simplistic to solar augmented. I used to be partners with my older son in a business that used lipos and brushless motors, so I have for a number of years joked with him about building a lipo/brushless bike. Although some fine and quiet power is there to be used, it is still very costly and for touring, charging needs really put the whammy on most all things electric.

When I first started thinking on motorizing this camping rig, I was looking at alternate methods of using the BOB trailer as a pusher setup. I've come to the conclusion that it's a really fine trailer, but it's design would have to be modified too much for pushing a bike. And with all of the thought put into this, the idea of pushing with a trailer has opened up too many questions about safety for me to embrace it fully.

If and when fuel cells are figured out well enough for conversion of methanol or some other less then hazardous medium, electric setups will be the wave of the future. But until a reasonable on-the-road recharge method is worked out, touring via electric motor is not the right choice -- For me at least.

I'll look at what Staton has on his website.

Thanks again.

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