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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The old Schwinn is Homelite-powered again.
Used a 25cc motor from a homelite leaf blower for 4 years, 2008 to 2011. It was still running good when I took off the Homie and put on my garbage-picked 28cc McCulloch motor just to check it out. Ran the Mac28 all of 2012.
Then early this year I put the Homie back on; it ran good for three days and then seized up. I think the ring gap got too big and snagged on the exhaust port. I bought that leaf blower for 10 bucks at a yard sale - no telling how many hours were on it. Then over four years I must have put 8 or 10 thousand miles on it.
I had a spare Frank Bowman ring sitting around. I was an idiot for not putting in that new ring this year.

Anyway, a guy I occasionally chat with at the park asked me if I wanted his old string trimmer. I asked if he knew what brand. He said "I think it's a Homelite". He11 yeah!

I thought I would be able to put the new piston/cylinder on my old bottom end. But the crank bearing and wrist pin bearing are different sizes. So I couldn't use the old long-drive-shaft from the blower. Had to bore and tap some 5/8 rod to screw on the string trimmer's treaded shaft. Luckily, the Homie trimmer's shaft is almost an inch long, about twice as long as the shaft on the Craftsman trimmer I was thinking of using. Since the two Homelite motors are almost identical, I was able to use my old mounting plate and throttle "linkage". And you know while I had it apart I put in that new Bowman ring that I should have used on the old Homie.
Also repacked front wheel bearings and some other maintenance/tuning.

Cant wait to try it out tomorrow (Sunday). We're supposed to finally get some days without rain.

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