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Default Re: Vintage Bicycle vs New Bicycle

I like the newer stuff myself- I build up a cruiser frame because of the clearances for the motor, but use big 700c and 27 wheels-

the frames ARE lighter and I've never had a problem with a Micargi several years old or a Huffy of unknown origin a few years older still-

the larger tubing is a pain for mounting the motor though without a wide motor mount

Alloy wheels are essential no matter what size for me- they just save so much weight, and I use alloy on any component i can.

and give me a nice TUBULAR cruiser fork over an older flat or standard fork- I don't care if they have empty canti brake fittings sticking out- they are STRONGER

and more available

this winter I got a 69 huffy 3 speed cheap and had to replace the fork- I found a Free Spirit fork online- It fits but barely. huffy uses some strange stuff back in the past- it's like it's built in incompatibility

I wanted to keep the classic three speed look- but now wish i'd thrown on the Micargi tubular cruiser fork I had left over when I put a shock fork on my first build

would have saved both expense and compatibility headaches
on the other hand the small tubed diamond frame would be an easy motor mounting

if I put a motor on, I'd also put that tubular Micargi fork on, brcause I know it's sTRONGER than the older style, and the front fork and axle is the failure I fear the most.

wish I could get an under bar tank at a reasonable price, cause the teardrops are in the way on diamond frames. Gonna try to sell it anyway- too many bikes aroun

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