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Default Re: Two items that could save your life

I simply think the stock stuff is not as bad as it's reputation. Don't get me wrong, I'm cheap because I'm broke usually. Not because I think cheap is just better.
I would buy an adapter in a minute if they did not cost nearly as much as the entire kit.
In MY world, adapter money is better spent on a pipe and carb or a high comp head, not on something that is already adequate stock. Just my opinion.
Most newcomers to this hobby don't have the experience to know they do NOT absolutely NEED a sprocket adapter,
As far as tensioners go, a spring chain tensioner on a manual clutch bicycle engine is simply poor engineering. There is NO reason to have a spring in a correctly set-up bicycle engine driveline. NONE. The only reason to have a spring is to allow for tight spots in the rotation of the driveline
If it's put together corrrectly, a "tensioner" is only a guide, it does not take up slack because there is no slack other than normal chain sag. The spring is only needed when the chain gets looser than the correct amount due to runout or wobble in the rear sprocket. NONE of my builds have EVER needed a spring because there is NO movement in the slack, it stays consistent during rotation because the rear sprocket is properly centered. No matter where the wheel is, the slack is the same. No tight spots at all. Therefore, set the slack and forget it until the chain wears(about once every couple months with HD#41 chain) Any spring setup allows ALL the slack to pile up on the coast side when you let off the gas with the clutch engaged. Hang your spring setup bike where you can watch it while you work the chain and clutch and check for yourself.. ALL the slack goes to the loose side no matter how strong your spring is whenever you let off the gas and coast. You guys can talk all you want, spring tensioners on a bicycle engine driveline are NOT good design.
Ask any qualified engineer. Show him your spring setup and see what he says.
Just because it works does not make it the best way.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.
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