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Default Re: Dirty looks and Shaking Fists

That's why we have kill switches and pedals.
Whenever I encounter other folks on trails, bikers or walkers, I shut it down and pedal past them until I know my engine sound won't bother anyone. I save the engine for the street and where I feel what little noise I make won't be a bother or bring unwanted attention. I know I'm sensitive to some noises and I try to be considerate of others who might not appreciate the sound from my little 2 stroke even with a good muffler. And I never run without a muffler. Those yuppy want-to-be Harley bikers who buy a brand new bike and the first thing they do is pull the mufflers off really bother me. That old argument about the noise adding to their safety is a weak rationalization. If that were true we should all take the mufflers off of our other drivers will know we're there. Sorry, just in a bad mood maybe and concerned about more government intrusion into my life.
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