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Default Re: Turkey perky jerky

Big Butter Bean , that reminds me exactly of some commercial or ad where they rave on about the virtues of their product or service and then on the bottom of the screen or ad it has the disclaimer, "Your results may vary."

Two people using the same item or doing the same repair quite often have a different result as you say. I find that when building parts for the tricars the same thing happens. I make my part first and then when it fit or looks right I build one for Silverbears Hiawatha tricar. So often the second one comes out noticeably better without me trying to improve it.

Oh, and I am an Idiot. My late, former wife informed me of that many times at least up until I told her she was right and she had proof. I told her the fact that I married her was proof enough.
I paid the price for that but it was worth it.

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