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Default Jack shaft drive with smaller 4 cycle engine

Hello people,

I'm looking to build a jack shaft drive system on my Motobecane Cafe' Express bike. I've been putting stuff together to make something I can use for bike camping and maybe some touring. I've decided to pull a BOB IBEX trailer and have most everything put together and working. Now, I see I am going to have some real fun, but I'm also going to have to work real hard to get to it. At 64, I'm OK with some "real work", but not to sure about how much of it I really want. So, I'm thinking about a little cheating with the peddle power might be a smart move.

I don't want very much noise at all. Don't want anything faster then 25 MPH or so. But want decent power in lower gears to get up longer inclines. So, thinking something along a 29cc 4 stroke, and split shaft drive to the cranks would give my Nexus 8 speed internal hub enough power to cope with most roads and still not be too much to break stuff.

Never done a bike mod like this before, but I'm fine with any type of mechanical, machining, fab work I've done over the years.

What I could use is some good ideas on what parts to look for and maybe even some advise as to the practical aspects of doing something like this. I'm a big guy at about 240 lbs and the BOB trailer loaded will be about 100 lbs. The bike as is, is about 40-50 lbs. So I'm looking at around 400 lbs. or so, without the added motor stuff.

Am I out of kilter here?

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