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Default Re: Extremely New. Need Advice

Yeah, this hobby will "nickel and dime" you a lot. I bought 4 new chains and a derailleur in 6 months, before I solved my chainjumping problem. This bike has broken three derailleurs, two cassettes, a couple of 14g spokes, two engine chains and twelve 8-speed chains. Knock on wood, my new derailleur is now two months old, and my chain is a month old.

Lol, the cheapest expense is the gas and oil. I wore out one tranny sprocket and two snap rings. Chainrings don't wear out, nor do pocket bike trannies. Disc brakes have lasted all this time. I have adjust them, but haven't changed brake pads yet.The tires have lasted almost 2 years and show minimal wear. On my friction drive bike, I would've gone thru 12 rear tires by now.

KoryWitkus, are you sure you wanna go thru with this?

Can you afford to break stuff on your bike?

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