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Default Re: hello from Brazil

Thank you fatdaddy but those would make the total cost pretty much impossible to do due my budget restritcions
im looking for a centrfigul kit on a higer motor something like 5.5 since those i can find here in my country the prices are high but i think they may worth it
Im plaining in using a centrifugal clutch+ jackshaft due the right side sprocket
What kind of sprockets i should use on my jackshaft? on left side how many teeth?
I m looking for a 125 cc back wheel full mounted since they come with breaks and is not that hard to find one in good conditions in the junkyard

for the right side sprocket on jackshaft im thinking on 11 teeth and sprocket on wheel im thinking about maybe 72 teeth

Would it work?

One last question what is the width of the dowtube on a OCC stingray chopper bike?
They are to much expensive over here to buy one so im fabricating the frame

Sorry for my lack of punctuation my english is not that good yet
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