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Default Re: Turkey perky jerky

Wickedest, a few days ago, I posted this;

Is along the same lines me thinks but you really did nail it with what the forum is all about. A fun and safe place to hang out with other folks into our crazy hobby.

I really don't understand why folks get so upset when challenged or questioned. When I get told I am wrong, I ask "why?" Because armed with a second opinion, I now have 2 to choose from. (lol, and given a 50/50 shot, I still very often get it wrong)

Or as my Buddy likes to say; "We are all works in progress. You just ain't progressing as fast as I'd like!"

LOL, he is blind and has to be one of the funniest people I have ever known. One day I walked into his kitchen as he was screaming at his microwave. "I HAVEN'T GOT ALL MINUTE!!!"

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