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Default Re: How hard are these kits on the bike

Originally Posted by Snagga View Post
Hey everyone, been doing some reading and think I am going to pick up on of these kits. I currently have a k2 mountain bike. How hard are these kits on the bike itself? I was debating on buying a bike from ll bean because they have a lifetime warranty. What do you all think?
Got a K2, eh? It should be just fine. If you keep all fasteners adjusted properly and grease your bearings and align your rear wheel and sprocket just right, that K2 won't notice much.

Having a good bike with good components helps. I run an old JC Higgins with a solid, welded-steel frame, well-greased bearings all around, Worksman wheels all trued and alligned, solidly seated engine mounts, and everything nicely bolted down and inspected regularly. I ride it every chance I get and it barely needs anything from me besides fuel.

"There is nothing wrong with wanting a motorbike that is an extension of your personal taste and fashion sense; if you must ride somewhere, I say do it with style!"
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