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Default Re: Noob from Detroit

Howdy ER, welcome.

You are so right considering the bike/foundation first. Really is the most important concern. Aside from safety, it really is the very foundation. With that as a budget, you can get a very good bike. Felt's leap to mind as they make some just plain awesome bikes and most are around that price range. (Check out the Heritage!)

Also, there is a thread "bicycle review" It has some great information. It rambles a bit because I started the thread and, well, all the threads I start end up about pets, cartoons and/or jokes in very poor taste.

I will find it and post if you can't find it. I am posting from my phone and is kinda a PITB.

The main things to consider safety wise are good front & rear brakes, sure up or remove fenders and of course ride safe. Shoes, helmet and gloves are a really great idea. (Trust me on that, LOL)
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