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Default 250+ Lbs frame and wheels recommendations

Hey guys this is the shake here,

I've been trying to start selling these motorbikes as secondary set of income. I like talking to the customers and what not, and I got this one that has a little weight issue that they are currently working on. They can't drive a vehicle for reasons I'm not willing to disclose. Basically, we have a big 5'2" person who needs a little info with regards to weight limits on these bikes.

I can build her one, but I need to know if any of you guys have any keen insight on the tires/frames/rims I should avoid entirely or look more into. I've been told that my jet black moto can carry 240lbs up a hill somewhere but I don't wanna extend this statement to a customer at 275.

Any tips, advise on tires or frames to be looking out for?

Is she gonna need some special tires or what?

Budget is looking from 500-1000.

Links appreciated.
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