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Default Re: Need help with install

Originally Posted by bstansbu View Post
I got it to work, but I now see what you mean with the protrusion. i think i will take it off again and drill a hole so that it will seat flush. thanks jim!

Ok, clutch cable is installed now thanks to you guys. Whether it is working i do not know yet. Throttle also works I think. I am now trying to get the chain on. Its proving to be difficult.Small sproket on engine seems real close to engine, maybe not enough room for chain there. Ill do some searching on this site for propper way to put on chain.

Oh man!!!

You've got one of the "New" kits out of China!

I'm not sure what Hong Kong and the gang may have chaged in production; but the "sprocket too close to the engine casting" thing has been prevalent lately!

You will have to remove the sprocket and shim it.

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