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Default well my bikes got stolen 4 days ago>>>>>

as the title states my bikes were stolen off my front porch 4 days ago. by 3 little punk kids who thought they'd get back at us for kicking them outta my house. so at 5 am they rolled up in a van and threw my bikes in. thankfully my neighbor was watching out his window, and saw them take them.

and so my adventure with the cops began with the knowledge of who stole my bikes. my buddys decided to go talk to one of the kids parents who confirmed that there son had said he bought a moped and his moms van wreaked of gas and oil. so from there i had the cops go take a statement from the parents.

now armed with the knowledge that they were in fact the ones who stole them i had the cops search each one out and low and behold each on was already in trouble for one thing or another. they found and talked to 2 of them first guy was defensive about the hole thing and wouldn't say a word. the second guy was so scared the cops thought he was gonna piss him self and turn him self in. they knew both were lying from the start.

now comes the interesting part the 3rd guy was hiding no one would say where he was or where he lived and no matter what the cops did they couldn't find him. so i decided to do a little research on this fellow my self. lets just say if your going to steal form people maybe you shouldn't have a Facebook with all your family and personal info on it.

instead of talking ot him because i knew it would go nowhere, i decided to talk to his sister, who was defensive at first but i leaned on her a bit didnt take much at all and she spilled the info i needed she said she knew where the bikes were and she would help me get them back. she gave me and address and i informed the police but they culprits high tailed it outta there before police arrived.

after a little bit more pushing on the sister her brother started to get scared and decided to ditch the bikes 7 blocks from my house and had his sister inform me that he had given them back i still had enough info at this time to press charges since i had not gotten them back

yesterday a squad car on patrol happened to spot them and they were returned to me which i am thank full for. they part im not happy about is the 400 dollars worth of damage to them looked like they were trying to strip them down and part it out which was smart on there part counting there's only 9 of these bikes in my town.

sorry for the long post

moral of the story even people you think hate you can be helpful in times of need (aka my neighbors) to give you the little bit of info you need to get your things back. and a will to not give up on your pursuit to get things back punks will never win
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