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Default Re: Extremely New. Need Advice

Originally Posted by KoryWitkus View Post
I don't know what to start with i have a very limited budget but i have an idea at what i'm going to get.
I'm not sure what i want i want something that can take hills (i live in eastern kentucky) i can ride around on all day and can do fine with a lot of bumps. (not the smoothest roads and sidewalks.
i've been looking at cruiser bikes but i'm not sure how they handle the whole hill thing. I'm a big guy 270 6'2" Not sure if this is where this goes but just need some advice before i buy.
Kory, welcome to the forum. Your question is a typical question, especially in today's economy. A lot of people need cheap transportation for work or commuting. This forum is full of people in your situation and many had the same idea, but their expectations weren't met. They didn't take the time to properly setup their engines and spend the time to make adjustments and/or repairs or lacked the knowledge and/or tools.

In my opinion, I don't think your going to be able to ride the a bike all day and have a dependable mode of transportation with a stock kit setup. Running the Happy Time engine all day, up-down hills with your weight is going to take a toll on that engine. I am 6'2" and 265lbs myself. A shiftkit would help, but that is way beyond your current budget.

I don't think your going to be able to meet your budget of $150 and have a dependable ride. You'll need to save some money to allocate for extra parts and upgrades. A good used mountain bike would be good. I suggest a steel frame.

When your new to this hobby, like all of us were at one time, there is a learning curve to get the HT dependable enough that your not breaking down - hoofing it, thumbing a ride and/or calling someone to pick you up. I would suggest you take your time building your kit and properly setting it up, then ride it for locally several weeks to work out the bugs, before you decide to use it for your daily mode of transportation.

Knowledge and tools (or access) are necessary with this hobby. The knowledge is here and it is free for you to discover. Tools are essential for repairs and maintenance. Yes, there will be repairs because remember, you only paid about $150 for the kit. It ain't no Toyota, Subaru Honda and etc. A torque wrench and DMM (digital multimeter) are essential tools and can be bought cheaply or free from Harbor Freight. Garage sales are another good source of inexpensive tools and bicycles.

Browse the forum for build ideas and get to know the terminology before you take the plunge and ask questions. Just be open to other peoples suggestions and be specific what you are asking.

Here's a few guides to help you if you decide to go the Happy Time 2 stroke route:

Good Luck,

AKA: BigBlue
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